• We offer a safe and stuctured environment where young people can begin to safely explore their experiences within a consistent psychologically containing environment.
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  • While our expectation is to offer settled placements of 6 months and more, our admission procedures are sufficiently flexible to take account of urgent situations.
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  • Barford education caters for pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties who have found it difficult to achieve their full potential in the mainstream sector.
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  • We aim to provide the best treatment for each individual child and the best support for significant adults who have the child in mind. We place the child and the adult at the centre of our thinking
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Accessibility Statement

Barford Childrens Services are committed to ensuring all our services are accessible to all members of the community regardless of disability, race, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation age or religion. We are proactive in our promotion of equality of opportunity. We recognise that in particular, people with disabilities should be able to access all content on the website, and we have made every effort to make it accessible to all. 

Our website designers follow the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and we have taken advice from RNIB and from ROWA (Read on Write Away). 

We have taken a range of measures to ensure accessibility, for example- 

  • The website provides alternative text descriptions of images and other visual elements
  • There is no video or audio content
  • Pages are organised under headings and we use CSS (cascading style sheets) to standardise the appearance of pages
  • A facility is provided to enable users to control the text size using their browser settings
  • We have validated the site using independent accessibility assessment tools
  • Downloadable pdf documents are accessible by using free Adobe Reader software from the Adobe website.
We are confident the site is well designed and presented to ensure optimum accessibility by all, but if you identify any area we should improve, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (01455 271 306) or email (info@barfordchildrensservices.co.uk).