• We offer a safe and stuctured environment where young people can begin to safely explore their experiences within a consistent psychologically containing environment.
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  • While our expectation is to offer settled placements of 6 months and more, our admission procedures are sufficiently flexible to take account of urgent situations.
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  • Barford education caters for pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties who have found it difficult to achieve their full potential in the mainstream sector.
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  • We aim to provide the best treatment for each individual child and the best support for significant adults who have the child in mind. We place the child and the adult at the centre of our thinking
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Sheena Kayla


Sheena Kalyan

At Acorns we believe that wherever possible children and young people benefit from living within a family environment.
Oakwood School has opened a new residential three-bed home, The Acorns, accommodates children in thirty nine week placements. This residential unit is located near to Oakwood School and has a small annex on the home site used for assessment and support, particularly with pupils who are struggling with their behaviour.

At Acorns, children will stay at the home during the week and return home at the weekends, with the provision that Children can remain on weekends when required. All the children will go home during school holidays.

Acorns is an attractive established residential home set in large grounds. 

Oakwood School has been rated by OFSTED as a ‘good’ school, with an outstanding grade for the welfare, health and safety of young people. 
The Educational and Residential staff work closely with each other to maintain links between the care and school environment. All young people are supported in achieving, developing and gaining new learning and independent living skills where appropriate. Residential staff members support the child’s education plan and enable their access to suitable learning materials outside of the school. Both teaching and residential staff are involved in the Annual review of the child’s EHC Plan as well as ‘Looked After Reviews’, (where applicable).

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