• We offer a safe and stuctured environment where young people can begin to safely explore their experiences within a consistent psychologically containing environment.
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  • While our expectation is to offer settled placements of 6 months and more, our admission procedures are sufficiently flexible to take account of urgent situations.
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  • Barford education caters for pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties who have found it difficult to achieve their full potential in the mainstream sector.
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  • We aim to provide the best treatment for each individual child and the best support for significant adults who have the child in mind. We place the child and the adult at the centre of our thinking
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Woodland Retreat




At Woodland we believe that wherever possible children and young people benefit from living within a family environment.
We recognise that for some young people, this is not always possible and that living in a residential home can be the most appropriate alternative. Therefore, Woodland’s objectives are to provide:
  • Respect and dignity for each and every individual regardless of their race, gender, cultural background or ability.
  • An ethos and atmosphere that is conducive to personal growth, whilst taking all reasonable measures to minimise the risk of harm to self or others.
  • A caring, nurturing and stimulating environment that enables young people to reach their potential, building on strengths and celebrating individual achievement.
  • A safe environment, free from abuse in its many forms including bullying and any behaviour that is disrespectful of the individual or groups of individuals or their family or community.
  • Individual education packages for each young person, which will both aid the reparative process and will offer them the chance to maximise their future life choices.
  • A framework of support in which the young person can be brought to confront the meaning and significance of their behaviour, thereby opening up the possibility of change.
  • Preparation for young people so they can eventually reintegrate into the wider community.
  • A working partnership with each young person and in co-operation with other agencies in order to provide a continuity and consistency of care that will benefit the young person as a whole.
  • An open and honest learning environment for all young people and staff.

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